Sleep and weight loss, is there a relationship?

The first is that rest is essential for our body to function perfectly. What’s more: not getting enough rest causes the body to misinterpret appetite cues. According to a study by the University of Colorado, the time we stay awake subtracting minutes from the recommended sleep, which is between 7 and 9 hours, causes the body to demand more calories from the brain.

Furthermore, even in a resting state, the metabolism needs energy to maintain basic functions. It is known as basal metabolism, and it is the calories you need based on your weight, sex, age, and physical makeup to maintain vital functions when your body is at rest – for every kilo of weight, it takes approximately 1 kilocalories to maintain metabolism for an hour-. Resurge Supplement Review

And that without counting that during sleep we release the so-called growth hormone, essential for the creation of new tissues. Although this release occurs especially in children, in adults a small amount of growth hormone is also generated. Especially if you exercise frequently, as this regenerates the used muscle cells. That hormone also helps you lose weight.


Orderly sleep habits

Another compelling reason for not skipping the night’s rest is that if you lead an orderly life, with rest times that you repeat daily, the organism works better, performing its functions like a clock. It is even better to always sleep before a specific time, 12:45 am according to a study by Northwestern University . The investigation determined that unhealthy eating habits are generated by resting less. Participants who did not sleep until after that hour consumed more carbohydrates and fewer vegetables during the following day, to the point that, according to the study, they can earn up to 900 grams per month if we do not go to bed before and do no activity physical.

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